Software development trends continuously evolve along with the evolving requirements. The global pandemic has resulted in accelerating the overall evolution of both the development trends and requirements rooting from challenges faced by various companies. A mandatory point would be to analyze and ramp up the existing digital strategies to overcome identified challenges. On the other hand, tech companies must stay updated on upcoming development trends with the intention of catering to the challenging requirements of the ever-evolving business world. We will be discussing a few significant software development trends that would potentially come in handy for the year 2022.


Continuous advancements of technology have impacted in redefining business processes and operations with digitalization. Gradually shifting to a digital space has been a prominent organizational objective of all firms worldwide. “Anywhere Operations” is identified as a concept that enables organizations to widen up their operating capabilities using digital tools to overcome geographic barriers. This is not just about eliminating physical setups by moving to cloud computing; anywhere operations highlight the advancement of virtual customer experiences with the use of digital tools. These enhanced virtual experiences play a vital role in continuing an uninterrupted customer engagement at all times regardless of any challenging situation. The global pandemic has influenced companies all around the world to invest more in improving their digital presence. Tech companies should focus more on developing innovative solutions that have the potential to refine anywhere operations.



Artificial Intelligence continues to predominantly evolve and expand to various new domains. Multimodal AI applications are one of the latest AI paradigms where the concept combines various data types such as numerical data, text, speech, and images with multiple algorithms to process intelligence achieving higher performance. AI pioneers around the world continue to research and develop Multimodal AI applications that are applicable for various industries such as language and speech processing, computer vision, and data mining. Moreover, it is predicted that simulations have the potential to unleash AI’s capabilities towards industries such as the supply chain. However, even though the demand for AI-based services continues to rise, companies lack in-house talent or expertise to come up with their own AI solutions. Therefore, companies tend to invest in external talent or outsource their work to firms with adequate experience and expertise.



We all know how the blockchain started gaining continuous attention for the past years with the cryptocurrency boom. Even though the concept of blockchain is not widely understood yet, the platform has a great potential to modernize various industries such as finance, medical, and real estate. Blockchain can be identified as a technology that has endless possibilities. The recent blockchain developments are on the verge of fully enabling secure and trustworthy decentralized transactions. Blockchain experts state that Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) has started increasingly gaining the attention of the tech industry. The cloud-based infrastructure is produced to develop, operate and efficiently manage blockchain-based applications. Undoubtedly, 2022 is going to be another thriving year for blockchain-based developments.



Internet of Behaviour (IoB) is the latest extension of the Internet of Things (IoT). The significant difference in IoB is that it collects and analyzes data via human behavior and interactions with applications and devices instead of just gathering data from devices. IoB has gained a reasonable amount of traction for the past couple of years and the Gartner reports confirm that by the year 2023 IoB might track human behaviors of 40% of the entire world. Social media platforms like Facebook and video streaming applications like Youtube are known to take the maximum utilization of IoB when it comes to providing personalized experiences for their users.



Moving to the cloud is a trend that continues to be popular for the past couple of years. Likewise, cloud-based services continue to gain more popularity as a result of their security, scalability, and speed along with lower costs. As this trend gradually increases, the cloud-native development model gains more traction in the tech industry. The immediate benefit of cloud-native development is the ease of building and deploying software applications compared to traditional on-premise set ups that require more administrative efforts and higher costs.



In a similar manner to the advancements happening in other aspects of the tech industry, ransomware attacks, and other cyber security breaches tend to get advanced. These advanced attackers are able to easily decode traditional malware software and get into systems. As a result, companies need to focus on implementing updated cyber security strategies to safeguard systems. Due to the lack of expertise and capabilities, firms essentially outsource these security services to experts in the industry. When choosing the ideal security services outsourcing partner, it is advised to select a partner that is ISO27001 certified as it will ensure that the mandatory industry standards and best practices will be followed by the outsourcing partner.



Companies tend to engage with a software outsourcing partner to experience various benefits. Out of all, the most prominent benefit would be the collective technical expertise that can be accessed for low pricing structures compared to maintaining in-house development teams. The software outsourcing model continues gaining popularity among companies of all scales varying from startups to Fortune 500s as a result of the flexibility and the ability to scale up based on requirements. The access to a higher capacity of technical expertise for lower cost has a definite potential to elevate any business.



Software development continues to evolve along with the evolving requirements of businesses. The dynamism of the industry is influenced by continuous advancements in technologies, changes in human behavioral patterns, and many other underlying factors. It is a guaranteed fact that the companies who wish to succeed in the digital evolution will need to access exceptional talent and technical expertise. Software development outsourcing has always been a cost-effective solution to acquire cutting-edge technology expertise.